SensorUp provides the IoT cloud platform for many different connected applications, from emergency response to citizen sensing to biodiversity monitoring.

Here are a few examples we love.

Sense an Emergency Before it Happens

Track People During A Crisis

The Department of Homeland Security used SensorUp’s API to collect lightning-fast updates on personnel, to keep dangerous situations contained. The real-time updates and visual representations made the data accessible, and significantly lowered response time for emergency workers.

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Sense Global Climate Change

Track Your Entire Environment

We combined weather and climate data from different  stations to make the perfect IoT application for environmental modeling. SensorUp’s cloud-based API allowed us to create a large picture, including real-time updates on atmospheric and soil conditions as well as groundwater levels.

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Sense the Heart of the City

Track Traffic in Real-Time

We used SensorUp to build IoT applications for urban data collection, and were able to create a comprehensive image of traffic updates and emergency reports, as they happened, while monitoring urban air quality.

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Sense The Water Below

Track Your Water Usage
SensorUp provided the IoT platform and web portals for the public and volunteers, to support groundwater monitoring in Rocky View County.
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Sense the Arctic

Track the Arctic
SensorUp provided the IoT platform to combine data from weather and monitoring stations throughout the Arctic, and the web portal used to access the reported data.
Look Around You

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