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We are the leaders in location intelligence and are the original authors of the OGC SensorThings API, an IoT cloud API standard that has been widely implemented around the world. We are always growing our partner network with the best technologies and trusted advisors for our industrial customers.

SensorUp Partner Network


Quasar is a digital platform designed to increase productivity and supply chain visibility, optimize rail networks, and dramatically reduce time and costs for shippers, rail transportation managers, railyard staff, logistics managers and more.

TRX Systems

TRX Systems provides 3D mapping and GPS-denied personnel tracking for warfighters, first responders, security and industrial personnel that operate indoors, underground, and in areas without GPS.

N5 Sensors

N5 Sensors provides sensor technology that detects a multitude of gases ranging from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide to volatile organic compounds.

Five Vital Signs

5VS’s Triage-On-Demand biosensor, captures and relays vital signs in order to identify, prioritize and initiate lifesaving measures on anyone in critical condition within seconds.

Technology Partners

We select technology partners that can provide our customers with greater functionality and flexibility for their digital transformation projects.

Consulting Partners

We partner with trusted consultants that have deep experience in understanding and deploying technology solutions for the oil and gas, military, logistics and public safety industries.

Sensor Partners

Our customers look to us for recommendations for the best sensors for their industry applications. We test, evaluate and partner with hardware vendors that make the best fit for our industry solution packages.


Approved resellers can either sell the SensorUp platform directly to their clients or integrate into their existing solutions to fill a critical need for their clients.

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