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How Digital Technology Will Change How We Work in a Post-COVID Future - SensorUp

How Digital Technology Will Change How We Work in a Post-COVID Future

How Digital Technology Will Change How We Work in a Post-COVID Future


COVID-19 is a world-changing event. Life and work in the post-COVID world won’t be the same. 

In 1854, a violent outbreak of cholera seized London and changed the nature of scientific inquiry and how cities are designed. Without question, COVID-19 will have an even bigger impact on the way we live, work and play. The post-COVID world will have implications for digital transformation, efficiency, safety, workforces, and workplaces.

This panel webinar examines what the world will look like post-COVID from the lens of emerging digital technology and its implications to industry. The panelists on this webinar discuss their views of how the emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and the Internet of Things will help shape the post-COVID world.

Senior leaders in industrial operations, anyone working in IoT technologies, and solution architects should watch this webinar.

This webinar covers:

  • How digital technologies can protect workforces and workplaces during the COVID recovery phase
  • Different opportunities and challenges of digital technologies in a post-COVID world
  • The social, privacy and ethical issues regarding the emergence of AI, IoT, and 5G.

Dean Prevost

President of Rogers for Business

Dean Prevost is President of Rogers for Business, joining the company in September, 2017. He is responsible for delivering business solutions to support Business Customers, including Wireless, Wireline, IoT and Advanced Services, as well as Data Centre.

Dr. Nadine Alameh

CEO of Open Geospatial Consortium

Dr. Nadine Alameh serves as OGC’s Chief Executive Office (CEO), and is responsible for creating and integrating the strategic direction and business plans of the Consortium in partnership with the OGC Board, members and staff.

John Hill

VP Digital at Suncor

John Hill is the Vice President of Digital and Information Technology for Suncor Energy. John joined the company in March 2020, bringing over 29 years of experience in information and communications technology, and deep expertise in leading significant digital transformations.

Steve Liang

Dr. Steve Liang

Founder and CTO of SensorUp

Dr. Steve Liang is the founder and CTO of SensorUp, a NATO award-winning movement intelligence platform that aggregates data from disparate IoT systems and transforms them into actionable insights. Dr. Liang is a global influencer on the Internet of Things, and he is the working group chair of several international standard working groups of the Open Geospatial Consortium and UN’s ITU-T.