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Webinar: Methane Data Sharing Standard Development - SensorUp

SensorUp Sustainability Series: How to make use of the international methane data sharing standard for your business

SensorUp Sustainability Series

How to make use of the international methane data sharing standard for your business

How can oil and gas companies improve their methane monitoring and maintain their regulatory compliance in a cost-effective manner? How can companies deploy monitoring solutions that detect fugitive emissions and prevent the likelihood of future leaks? 

Better methane emissions management in 2021 starts with establishing an international standard for methane sensors and observations. Find out how disparate sensor technology and data sources can be combined to create a solution that will not only detect, but also help to predict future methane leaks.

What you can expect to learn in this webinar:

  • How complex operations can achieve a cheaper and faster end-to-end methane emissions management process
  • How to aggregate all your relevant methane sensor, asset and facility data into a coherent real-time operating picture using the Open Geospatial Consortium standards
  • Dive deep into the architecture, data models and encodings of the new international methane emissions data standard
  • Review a checklist for evaluating an interoperable methane solution

Why this is important now for oil and gas companies

Canada pledges to reduce oil and gas methane emissions by 40% to 45% below 2012 levels by 2025 as part of their Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement. The reality with methane emissions monitoring is that it is very costly, time consuming, labour-intensive, and error-prone for oil and gas companies to identify leaks, quantify emissions, dispatch repair trips, validate results, generate reports, and ensure regulatory compliance. As a result, fugitive leaks are not detected in a timely manner, repairs are not effectively prioritized, permit extensions are not applied on time, fugitive and vented emissions are not accurately quantified, and costs are unnecessarily incurred due to redundant inspection and repair trips.
One of the biggest challenges for GHG emission reduction is the ability to integrate, aggregate and fuse heterogeneous methane emissions data from disparate methane sensors into a coherent sensor web. This would allow oil and gas companies to automate data wrangling tasks and report generation, and train AI models to detect and predict fugitive emissions. 
An interoperable standard for methane data sharing is a critical first step to realizing these methane monitoring efficiencies. In partnership with the OGC, SensorUp is developing a new international best practice standard for methane sensors and observations, based on the ISO 19156:2001 Observations and Measurements (O&M) and OGC/ITU-T SensorThings API (ITU-T Y.4473) standards.

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar will be valuable to everyone in the oil and gas value chain. Professionals who are interested in learning about an interoperable IoT architecture will also find the webinar applicable to any type of IoT sensor. Forward-thinking and solutions-oriented professionals are encouraged to join: 

  • Methane Emissions Managers and Engineers
  • VP of Sustainability or Chief Sustainability Officers
  • Production Engineers 
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Government personnel and policymakers
  • Sensing system manufacturers
  • Energy Service Providers
Steve Liang


Dr. Steve Liang
Founder & CTO, SensorUp

Dr. Steve Liang is the founder and CTO of SensorUp, a NATO award-winning movement intelligence platform that aggregates data from disparate IoT systems, and transforms them into actionable insights. Dr. Liang is a global influencer on the Internet of Things, and he is the working group chair of several international standard working groups of the Open Geospatial Consortium and UN’s ITU-T.

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