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SensorUp Management Team

Dr. Steve Liang, Founder & CTO

Dr. Steve Liang completed a bachelor of science in Surveying Engineering at National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan in 1999, and earned his doctorate in Earth Space Science at York University, Toronto in 2007. During his doctorate studies, he contributed to the development of one of the first virtual globe systems in the world, called GlobeView. GlobeView was later commercialized by GeoTango Corp., and subsequently acquired by Microsoft in 2005.

Dr. Liang is currently an associate professor at the University of Calgary and director of the GeoSensorWeb Laboratory. In 2013, he was chosen as one of Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue Magazine. Dr. Liang has been an invited speaker at universities and industries in 11 countries, and held the AITF-Microsoft Industry Research Chair on the Open Sensor Web from 2011 to 2014.

Geoff Mair, CEO

Geoff Mair is an accomplished Software Industry Executive with a 20-year proven track record for leading innovative, strategic and successful product initiatives at both startups and large-scale software companies.

Geoff was formerly CTO and Founder of Partnerpedia Software Inc. where he defined the product strategy and led engineering to a successful acquisition by BMC Software in 2013. Geoff has been recognized numerous times for his work in the industry including being selected for Business in Vancouver’s 40 Under 40 Awards.

He has a Masters degree from Northwestern University and a BA from the University of British Columbia. He holds several patents for his previous technology design work in the areas of software driven marketplaces, app stores and field service management software.

Spencer Cox, VP of Engineering

A technical leader with over 15 years of experience working directly with customers on complex data-driven cloud applications. Spencer has vast experience delivering for leading NGOs, Fortune 500 companies and government departments in North America and internationally. Spencer is the former CTO of an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner company and an expert in system design, team facilitation, architecture and implementation of software leveraging cloud-native strategies.

Larry Toube, VP of Product + User Experience

A product & UX leader with a twenty-year career focused on helping organizations engage both their customers and employees more holistically. Larry has held senior leadership roles at both successful startups and large enterprises. His expertise lies in designing for the motivations and potential of people, believing that superbly designed products are the keys to product-led growth.