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SensorUp Wields Open Source to Battle IoT Silos

To address the issue of silo-ing in the Internet of things (IoT), SensorUp has proposed an open source project with Eclipse Foundation. In a recent article published by the Eclipse Foundation, SensorUp founder and CEO Steve Liang explained the threat … Read More

SensorUp proposes Whiskers, an Eclipse Open Source Project for SensorThings API

At SensorUp, we firmly believe IoT system silos are hindering innovations (i.e., very very bad things!!) and the real potential of IoT depends on a richly connected “system of systems”. As the editor and working group chair of the standard, … Read More

A Decentralized SensorThings API Architecture for Raspberry Pi

When we designed OGC SensorThings API, efficiency and scalability are two critical requirements.  SensorThings API needs to be efficient so that it can accommodate battery power-constrained, computing power-constrained, and low cost devices. SensorThings API also needs to be scalable because it needs to scale … Read More