SensorUp is the winner of this year’s CIO Applications Award
for Top Internet of Things Solutions Provider

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When you are running complex operations, you need full real-time visibility to keep your crews safe, minimize non-productive time, reduce costs and optimize for just-in-time delivery of goods and services. Whether you are working with legacy systems or new sensors, we provide an innovative platform that brings your IoT together for automated operations and processes.

SensorUp location intelligence platform

Operational efficiency

Get a common operating picture to make informed decisions with the right data always at your fingertips.

Health and safety

Protect your people by monitoring their physical condition and their environment. With situational awareness, you can predict and take action in real time to minimize risk.

Production and equipment efficiency

Monitor the performance of processes and equipment. Make adjustments in real time and service components before they interrupt productivity.

Automation and interconnectedness

Integrate with any existing legacy and third party system. Automate notifications and take actions as required. Free up your people to focus on higher value tasks.

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