Senior Frontend Developer, Alberta

Senior Frontend Developer, Alberta


SensorUp aggregates endless sources of data into a powerful common operating picture. Visualize problems from all angles to determine the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective way to respond and automate responses to specific, recurring conditions. SensorUp is hardware-agnostic, integrating with any system or sensor. Data is optimized and AI-ready then served up in a single visual dashboard.

We are looking for a leading Frontend engineer/developer. Our front-end application is built in-house leveraging open source frameworks. We manage and manipulate data through our application and provide users with rich interactions through data processing, workflow management, and cutting edge webGL based visualizations.  

The ideal candidate will be an experienced developer who is savvy with data, fluent with Javascript (react), and keen to make a big contribution to the team and grow with the company. We are expanding our softwares capability set and introducing significant new features on an ongoing basis. Our team is collaborative and we prefer candidates that are willing to make contributions in the data, API, and DevOps area of the system when required in delivering front-end features.

What you'll do

 30 Days

  • Understand the capabilities of SensorUp  and current customer applications.  
  • Contribute directly to SensorUp, familiarizing with the architecture and development workflows through feature development and collaboration with our talented development team.
  • Understand all our development workflows, release processes, and CI/CD processes.  

60 Days

  • Be a positive and collaborative team member improving the throughput and collaboration within our front end features.    
  • Create new feature areas and own significant scope with minimal guidance. We provide a high level of autonomy and ownership.  
  • Optimize aspects of our platform through implementation of web-workers, service workers, web-sockets, caching strategies and other modern methods.
  • Closely interact with the team to plan, coordinate, and execute features that span multiple system areas.  
  • Work with streaming data and historical data and advance your understanding of our internal data structures and their purposes.  


90+ Days

  • Further improve our technology usage, contributions, and integrations with geospatial leaders including Uber, Mapbox, Carto and ESRI
  • Investigate new binary and protobuf methods for transmitting multidimensional time-series data.  
  • Understand customer and product manager feedback and translate to the product.
  • Work with customers to understand requirements and architect and implement new features.


What we are looking for

  • Experienced developer with 10+ years of experience in multiple areas of the system.
  • Someone who loves to learn new technologies and stay up to speed on ever evolving front-end technologies and approaches.  
  • Someone who has gravitated towards the advanced aspects of front-end development (complex front-end applications).  
  • Fluency in modern Javascript and front-end frameworks, especially React.
  • DevOps mindset of automation, measurement, monitoring, and improvement as it applies to the front-end and related system areas.  
  • Self-directed, driven, and sharp. Will proactively obtain the direction or specification you require from the team vs. waiting for direction.  
  • Ownership of the overall architecture and implementation of the front-end, able to break down vague large problems into stepwise increments.  
  • Committed to sharing knowledge through documentation, mentorship, and collaboration with other development team members
  • Contribute to the code review, and QA processes which we are whole team processes.  
  • Exquisite technical communication skills: oral, written, and presentation
  • Friendly and fun to work with as we grow the company. 

The details

We require a data expert who likes the challenge of taking input data, adding vast amounts of cloud capabilities, and data science expertise, and producing valuable outputs for our customers. SensorUp is a well-financed, venture capital backed company and is committed to growing an innovative data-focused product. We recently closed a $6-million Series-A to expand our product. We are looking for somebody who will grow with us, increasing their skills and scope as the company continues to expand.  


The competitive compensation plan includes a market-adjusted salary in addition to options in an early-stage startup, benefits plan, and work-life balance.  


SensorUp has offices in Vancouver and Calgary. We have a hybrid remote/office culture.  For this position, we are looking for candidates preferably in Calgary but welcome remote applicants within Alberta or who plan to relocate to Alberta.

How to apply

  1. Please provide a detailed cover letter describing how your interest, experience and skill make this position the perfect fit for you.  
  2. Please send a cover letter and resume to

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