Senior Data Developer, Alberta

Senior Data Developer, Alberta


SensorUp aggregates endless sources of data into a powerful common operating picture. Visualize problems from all angles to determine the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective way to respond and automate responses to specific, recurring conditions. SensorUp is hardware-agnostic, integrating with any system or sensor. Data is optimized and AI-ready then served up in a single visual dashboard.

We are looking for a leading Data Engineer (or Data-oriented Developer, or Data Scientist) to help build out our Data Stream Processing Engine. Currently, we employ a modular architecture where data pipelines and tasks are managed by specifications and can operate as real-time or scheduled containerized tasks. We have integrated upwards of 50 modules to perform analytical processes, enrich sensor data, and make predictions. Our Data Stream Processing Engine is utilized for predicting arrival times, automatically scheduling fluid hauling vehicles, measuring asset utilization, monitoring biometric inputs, and detecting anomalies.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced developer who is savvy with data, fluent with Javascript, and keen to develop, integrate and orchestrate real-time and batch data processing workloads at scale in the AWS environment. As important, we require someone with the imagination and desire to create value from data—connect the inputs with technology in order to produce the required insights for our customers. Our data inputs include services like MQTT, Kinesis Streams, and S3. Our data outputs are commonly time-indexed geojson lines which may enrich a real-time streaming message or produce a derivative dataset in an object-store. The candidate will contribute to the development of modules, models, pipelines, and help us continue to make the Data Stream Processing Engine more consumable by other application areas and by our customers. The candidate will be keen to work with the business users and other development team members to create more data-driven value throughout the product and for our customers.

What you'll do

 30 Days

  • Understand the current capabilities of our Data Stream Processing Engine, our existing processes, and modules.  
  • Work with our DevOps team to understand how Data Pipelines and Tasks are orchestrated, secured, monitored and deployed.  
  • Collaborate with Senior Developers to create and improve some modules.  
  • Integrate with team members responsible for other system areas. 

60 Days

  • Provide strategic direction and innovation in the design and implementation of Data Pipelines and Data Tasks.  
  • Demonstrate the ability to manipulate data, analyze data, and integrate more sophisticated AI and ML technologies.  
  • Support customers by adding value and driving process automation and optimization from their data inputs.  
  • Lead key areas of product development focused on AWS infrastructure, APIs, and stream processing components.

90+ Days

  • Lead initiatives within the engineering team to build a product-centric culture.
  • Share knowledge through documentation, mentorship, and collaboration.
  • Understand customer and product manager feedback and suggest improvements and new features.  
  • Lead key areas of the Data Stream Processing Engine as we endeavour to make it more powerful, more consumable across our application, and more accessible to our customers. 
  • Create and integrate services using AI and ML depending on the candidate’s background and experience, and work with other team members with other data skills.

What we are looking for

  • 10+ years of experience as a Data Engineer, Senior Developer, or Data Scientist 
  • Knowledge of how to use the AWS stack of services to its fullest potential 
  • Fluency in multiple data languages like Javascript (required) and Python   
  • Modern approaches to workload and pipeline management including automation, DevOps, and cloud-native development
  • Passionate about exploring, utilizing and adding value to input location and sensor data
  • Leadership and communication within the engineering team
  • Self-directed, driven, and sharp
  • Energized to tackle a rapidly-changing problem space and excited to help an organization scale through growth
  • Relevant technical experience and interest in working with spatial-temporal data, data analytics, streaming data processing, distributed systems etc.
  • Exquisite technical communication skills: oral, written, and presentation.

The details

We require a data expert who likes the challenge of taking input data, adding vast amounts of cloud capabilities, and data science expertise, and producing valuable outputs for our customers. SensorUp is a well-financed, venture capital backed company and is committed to growing an innovative data-focused product.  We are looking for somebody who will grow with us, increasing their skills and scope as the company continues to expand.  


The competitive compensation plan includes a market-adjusted salary in addition to options in an early-stage startup, benefits plan, and work-life balance.  


SensorUp has offices in Vancouver and Calgary. We have a hybrid remote/office culture.  For this position, we are looking for candidates preferably in Calgary but welcome remote applicants within Alberta or who plan to relocate to Alberta.

How to apply

  1. Please provide a detailed cover letter describing how your interest, experience and skill make this position the perfect fit for you.  
  2. Please apply directly on our job posting in LInkedIn.

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