Sales Engineer, Alberta

Sales Engineer, Canada


SensorUp aggregates endless sources of data into a powerful common operating picture. Visualize problems from all angles to determine the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective way to respond and automate responses to specific, recurring conditions. SensorUp is hardware-agnostic, integrating with any system or sensor. Data is optimized and AI-ready then served up in a single visual dashboard.

We are looking for a leading Sales Engineer to support our growing team. You will work closely with an account executive and sales development representative to lead technical sales activities within SensorUp. This will include digging into customer use cases, offering guidance on SensorUp implementation and integration, building demonstrations, providing training, and architecting ingress/integration, and handling platform and security discussions with prospective customers. You’ll help translate user questions and requests into actionable roadmap features for the product team. You will frequently communicate with developers, product managers, and sales team members to help SensorUp achieve great things.  

The ideal candidate will bring our team broad experience from the customer side, with experience in operational efficiency, operations management, control systems, and target industry knowledge. In addition, the candidate must be knowledgeable and keenly interested in geospatial data, applications of AI and ML, and in general, keen to apply next-generation technologies to drive operational efficiency within enterprise customers. 

What you'll do

  • Work with qualified prospects to understand their value proposition, data architecture and integration architectures.
  • Perform regular product demonstrations with qualified prospects answering any technical questions they might have.   
  • Support the sales team in preparing demonstrations, investigating customer data and customer integration designs.  
  • Developing proof of concepts, and sales demonstrations using real customer data leveraging the SensorUp Product.  
  • Understand and document customer requirements, feedback, and feature requests and communicate regularly with the product team.  
  • Participate in development team meetings building knowledge and skill within the SensorUp product.  
  • Assist with documentation and training to help customers succeed.  
  • Work closely with existing customers to help them achieve success while estimating and proposing new solutions and services in accordance with their requirements.

What we are looking for

  • Strong communications. Presentation/Webinar, Written, Zoom/Teams, in person, communication for technical concepts across technical domains with clarity is paramount to this position.  
  • Sales minded. Apply technical knowledge in consultative selling approaches, building trust with prospects and helping them to become customers.  
  • Action-oriented. Write the proposal, create the example code, help the prospect, contact the product team, escalate when required.  
  • Enterprise experience. Understanding the nature of Enterprise and how to navigate problem owner, security, IT, and buyer personas fluidly and appropriately.
  • Coder & Architect. You understand deeply and can demonstrate by doing.  You are fluent in a language or two and enjoy the opportunity to apply your craft.  You are familiar with modern cloud technologies and can speak coherently about any layer in the stack.  Deploying a new environment, loading some sample data, committing some proof of concept code, are all fair game.  
  • Data expert. The sales process often involves demonstrations, reviewing customer sample data.  You enjoy the challenge of taking data in whatever form, making it useful, and demonstrating to the customer how additional value can be derived using the SensorUp product. You will be familiar with geospatial data or temporal data or ideally both.  
  • Proposal veteran. Writing strong technical proposals and estimating technical work for customers is part of this role. Experience in estimation and proposal writing is required.  
  • Experience with AWS & Azure and certifications like the AWS Solutions Architect would be great to have. 

The details

We require a seasoned engineer with experience working with engineering teams and with customers. SensorUp is a well-financed, venture capital-backed company and is committed to growing an innovative data-focused product. We are looking for somebody who will grow with us, increasing their skills and scope as the company continues to expand.


The competitive compensation plan includes a market-adjusted salary in addition to options in an early-stage startup, benefits plan, and work-life balance.  


SensorUp has offices in Vancouver and Calgary. We have a hybrid remote/office culture. While we welcome remote candidates, they should be able to quickly access Vancouver and Calgary when required from time to time.

How to apply

  1. Please provide a detailed cover letter describing how your interest, experience and skill make this position the perfect fit for you.  
  2. Please send a cover letter and resume to

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