SensorUp is the winner of this year’s CIO Applications Award
for Top Internet of Things Solutions Provider

Public Safety - SensorUp


Monitor real-time sensor data from responders in the field. Track vital signs and exposure to physical stressors. Ensure environmental hazards are identified and avoided.

Common Operating Picture

Manage the situation from start to finish from a single dashboard. Make critical decisions in the moment with all the data at your fingertips.

Incident Prevention

Assess risk exposure and minimize impact to responders and the public. Use predictive models to determine the highest risk scenarios for safe and positive outcomes.

Because first responders rarely get a second chance

A single, common operating picture

  • Combine data from all of your connected assets and personnel
  • Monitor status and activity through SensorUp Explorer, a visual no-code dashboard, onsite and in the command center
  • Analyze what-if scenarios and trigger response and remediation efforts in real time
  • Identify the nearest crew and equipment for a timely response


Includes tailored reports for historical, real time, and predictive
data. View reports, build custom reports, and analyze results
within SensorUp Explorer.

  • Cardiac stress
  • Chemical exposure
  • Heat exposure
  • Real-time events
  • Situational awareness
  • Hot wash replay


Includes automated workflows for proximity alerting, muster/
coordination points, SOS notifications, detection of hazardous
materials, incidents flagging, and real-time incident prevention.


Includes support for existing and new sensors/connectors for gas, location
(indoor and outdoor), responder vital signs, and other components.

Mobile Hub - Sonim-Phone

Gas Sensor


Indoor Location TRX


Biometrics - 5vs

Asset Tag

Integration Services

We have connectors to your legacy sensors or provide sensors to get key data:

  • Fleet tracking
  • People tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Emergency management systems

Onboarding and Support

Includes a dedicated SensorUp resource for onboarding plus ongoing support during regular business hours. Extended support is available as an optional add-on.

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