Having the insight and awareness to sense problems before they happen gives you a competitive edge. Keeping your fleet moving efficiently, on time, and at optimal levels is a must in today’s field services operations.

Enhanced Efficiency

Reduce downtime and maintenance with Health Monitoring throughout your operations.

Improved Safety

Reduce workplace incidents and safety hazards through real time location reporting.

Reduce Unnecessary Maintenance Trips

Keep track of current health and status of your operations and machines to avoid needless site visits.

Efficiency Dashboard

Connect all of your sites and sensors in one place to build the bigger picture of overall health and maintenance, so you don’t miss a thing.

Map your Next Move

Visualizing your assets is the key to staying efficient. SensorUp’s leading geospatial technology creates optimal routes for your fleet and connects to real time traffic and road condition data.


Go Beyond Logistics

Leverage the power of OGC standards to extend your field operations across multiple business units to gain real insights on the operational changes.

Things to Connect

  • Smart Assets / Machines
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Environmental Data
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Sensors
  • Legacy Data

Who’s it For

Oil and Gas
Quickly assess the health of your remote operations and machines. Real time updates let  you stay up to date on servicing requirements.
Track your inventory easily. Quickly locate and solve problems along your routes to ensure quality service, constantly.
Agricultural / Forestry
Combine weather, irrigation and geospatial data to provide a better, more complete picture of your operation. Legacy and current sensor data help you plan efficiently.
Water Treatment
Ensure safe and efficient water delivery, and keep track of required filtration maintenance and repairs before they’re needed.