A city should never be silo’d. SensorUp’s Smart City’s platform allows cities and municipalities the power to assemble dashboards and easily extend data across multiple operational platforms.

Improved Traffic Flows

Ease traffic by combining traffic, camera and sensor data.

Cleaner & Connected

Optimize air quality by changing traffic patterns and planning ahead.

Safer Cities

Monitor incidents and report on problem areas with actionable insights

Vertical Solutions at Speed

Rapidly deploy dashboards across multiple verticals, and connect them for full operational understanding. SensorUp’s city dashboards are up and running in weeks and can be easily customized to connect sensor data.

Smash Silos

Because SensorUp’s city dashboards are built on OGC standards, they can be quickly connected across departments. Information from different sensors can easily be matched against other datasets for a more comprehensive view of the city’s operations.


Affordable Answers

SensorUp’s API is built on the OGC standards, so you can skip the expensive, custom solutions and have a connected set up with analytics at low cost.

Things to Connect

  • Environmental Data
  • Air Quality Sensors
  • Water Quality Sensors
  • Dash Cams
  • Traffic Counters
  • CCTV

Who its For

Urban Planners
Get quality data on busy streets and city centers, traffic, and real-time use of public space to help build a better city.
Health Officials
Create a dataset of air and water quality as well as traffic accidents all in one place to form a better picture of your city’s health, and where to focus efforts most effectively.
City Committees
Align and aggregate information from all public services to ensure quality service distribution and timely maintenance of important resources like water and hydro.
Waste Management
Use traffic data and neighborhood waste data to offer the best, timely service where it’s needed in your city.