When lives are on the line, every second counts. SensorUp’s First Responder products are built to connect your team on the ground with their eyes in the sky by aggregating real-time sensor data into a single situational dashboard.

Save Lives

Get actionable insights in real time with video and locational data.


Mitigate Risk

Use connected devices and wearables to decrease risk in a dangerous situation.


Permissions Control

Communicate the right information to the right role.

Situational Awareness

Visualize and assess the emergency situations on a single operating dashboard that connects people, places and things. Guide first responders through harsh environments and dangerous situations with sensors and wearables.

On-the-Ground Apps

Arm your first responders with new reporting applications for instant insights on environmental and situational information.

Things to Connect

  • Drones
  • Police Cameras
  • CCTV
  • Dash Cams
  • Vital Signs
  • GPS Location

Who its For

Incident Managers
Quickly assess emergency situations and find the right solutions in real time with a consolidated dashboard that connects people, resources and places.
First Responders
Make moves on the ground with confidence and efficiency knowing you are taking the best route to get to an emergency. Get instant access to information systems and data.

Nato Award-Winning Security

SensorUp’s SensorThings API was recognized by Nato for it’s security and ability to deliver for first responders. Every interaction between devices and dashboards is encrypted at the highest level of security.