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SensorUp Location Intelligence Platform

The SensorUp Location Intelligence platform aggregates endless sources of data into a powerful common operating picture of your business. It allows you to visualize problems from all angles so you can determine the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective way to respond.

The platform automates repetitive processes currently handled by your operations team. This will free up their bandwidth so they can focus on strategic and higher-value activities.

Unlike most solutions on the market, the SensorUp platform is hardware- and platform-agnostic, integrating with any system or sensor that generates data. All of the collected data is optimized and AI-ready, served up in the SensorUp Explorer dashboard.

We specialize in operational challenges within Oil and Gas, Logistics, Public Safety, and the Military. By working closely with our customers, we’ve developed a clear understanding of the unique and complex requirements they encounter.

SensorUp Explorer

A no-code, drag and drop dashboard that you can easily customize. SensorUp Explorer allows you to easily visualize and interpret complex, rich data. Move, synchronize, or modify data with a visual workflow. Compile visualizations, and explore what-if scenarios. Set up automated alerts, trigger work tickets, and schedule crews and equipment in the moment.

SensorUp Data Stream Processing Engine

A single data exchange system that collects data from all connected sources. As the data flows through the pipeline, it is cleansed, enriched, and aggregated.

SensorUp Workflow Automation Engine

Define the rules for how your data will inform your operation. Integrate your business systems to automatically sync and communicate with one another in real time. Create an IoT orchestration layer so information can travel seamlessly from system to system. Increase productivity and deliver data faster by turning recurring tasks into event-based work.

SensorUp API

This is where connections are made between the entities and the system. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining are used to uncover deeper, hidden patterns in the data. The SensorUp API is based on the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard to ensure a consistent, repeatable process in how your data is modelled.

Why industry leaders chose us

We integrate with everything

The platform comes with OOTB integrations or we can integrate with any third party system you need.

Fast to deploy

Get up and running fast with pre-built connectors, ready-to- use reports and automation..


Bring your own data from legacy systems, existing sensors, or best of breed. We can handle all of it.

Size doesn’t matter

We haven’t met a data set yet that we couldn’t handle. High volume, high velocity, single or multiple systems.

Secure enough for NATO

Winners of the NATO Defense Innovation award for the Secure Federation of IoT data..

Team of experts

We understand IoT data and we have a world-class team of senior data experts to prove it

Home of the industry standard

We authored the international standard adopted by NATO, the UN, DHS, and industrial giants with multi-million dollar operations.

Low risk, high return

We have deep experience with industrial clients to ensure your day-to-day operations are not disrupted.

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