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Oil & Gas Case Study - SensorUp

Oil & Gas Case Study

Manager at a top oil and gas producer

Better decision making

Access accurate and complete data to make better decisions in real time.

Improved performance

Monitor pumps, wells, and other equipment so you can optimize production in the moment.

Reduced opex

Schedule crew and equipment “just in time” for increased efficiencies.

The solution

The project focuses on business value for three distinct elements of the operation: safety, operational efficiency, and streamlined production assurance.

IoT data was integrated from various sources including operator wearables, SCADA systems, Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) systems, and in-situ sensors:

IoT Data for Safety

  • Worker GPS Locations
  • Worker position data (standing or lying)
  • Gas concentration data from worker on-body detectors

IoT Data for Operational Efficiency

  • SCADA tank levels
  • SCADA production rates
  • Status of hauling trucks (full vs. empty)
  • GPS locations of hauling trucks (customer & third party)

IoT Data for Streamlined Production Assurance

  • SCADA tank levels
  • Casing gas pressure levels
  • PC pump torque, RPM rates, historical trends
  • Propane consumption rate

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