SensorUp is the winner of this year’s CIO Applications Award
for Top Internet of Things Solutions Provider

Military - SensorUp

Real-time Intelligence

Get a bird’s eye view of each mission as it unfolds, in real time. Maintain oversight of personnel in the field.

Accurate Logistics Planning

Get accurate location and movement details for key equipment and troops to coordinate pre- and post-mission logistics.

Just-in-time automation

Send notifications when an operation deviates from plan and trigger responses to common events. Leverage the power of SensorUp’s automation technology to drive strategic responses in real time.

Visibility to the front line and beyond


  • Situational Awareness Dashboard – Common operating picture view of your mission ( people , drone, fleet, assets)
  • Asset Most Recent Location – Estimated time of arrival for each individual item being tracked and an aggregate estimated time of arrival for all equipment, people and vehicles
  • Mission Hotwash (Replay) Report – Improve the debrief process and learning for each mission by providing a full interactive replay and analysis of the mission after they are complete, with full control over the data from across your connected ecosystem


  • Proximity alerting
  • Man down notifications or SOS
  • Hazardous materials detection
  • Automatic incident reporting
  • Real-time incident prevention via AI
  • ETA Reports


  • Location sensors (indoor and outdoor)
  • Biometrics – vital sign sensors
  • GPS location sensors
  • Bluetooth tags and gateways
  • Video/Image (Object Detection)
  • Gas sensors

Mobile Hub - Sonim-Phone

Asset Tags

Indoor Location TRX


Biometrics - 5vs

Integration Services

We have connectors to your legacy sensors or
we can provide sensors to get key data:

  • Fleet tracking (cars, trucks, planes, helicopters)
  • UAV Tracking (drones)
  • ATAK android team awareness kit
  • People tracking – Location sensors on warfighters to track troop movements
  • Asset Tracking – Location tracking sensors for non-gps enabled key equipment
  • Environmental monitoring

Onboarding and Support

Includes a dedicated SensorUp resource for onboarding plus
ongoing support during regular business hours. Extended
support is available as an optional add-on.

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