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Logistics - SensorUp

Optimized Supply Chain

View and manage inventory in real time—across all sites, shipments and partner interactions. Use derivative performance reports to optimize decision making. Schedule crews based on verified ETAs for a just-in-time operation.


Use a common operating picture to coordinate access to equipment and crews so you can minimize downtime. Avoid fines and save money with preemptive alerts for dwell time overages. Run a cost-effective operation using predictive models.


Monitor the status of crews and equipment. Predict at-risk scenarios before they happen. Avoid accidents and ensure onsite hazards are identified, avoided, and remediated.

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Includes tailored reports for historical, real time, and predictive
data. View reports, build custom reports, and analyze results
within the SensorUp Explorer dashboard.

  • Visibility
  • Cycle
  • Dwell
  • Network performance
  • Network optimization
  • Pipeline inbound/outbound
  • Incidents


Includes automated workflows for incident flagging, cargo damage events, arrival, departure, demurrage alerts, change in ETA, and optimized routing/directions.


Various sensors are included in the solution such as GPS location sensors, Bluetooth tags and gateways, asset tracking sensors, people tracking sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and vibration/shock sensors.

GPS Tracker - OBD


GPS Tracker - Long Range Solar

Asset Tags

Smart Video Camera


Integration Services

The SensorUp Logistics Solution will integrate with key third party systems for the logistics industry such as telematics systems, weather forecast systems, TMS (transport management systems), ERPs, AIS for shipping and AEI for rail.

Onboarding and Support

Includes a dedicated SensorUp resource for onboarding plus ongoing support during regular business hours. Extended support is available as an optional add-on.

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