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Identify and reduce the risk of COVID-19 in real time - SensorUp

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One worker with COVID-19 can infect the rest of your workforce at your industrial work camp, plant, mine or office building, putting their health in danger and putting a halt to your operations. Every day where your operations are not producing means heavy losses in today’s hyper-competitive world. You need to immediately contain and address these issues before they spread.

The SensorUp COVID solution allows operations to immediately identify and track COVID-related risk levels on a visual map. You can track all the factors that increase risk of COVID such as when the number of people in a room exceeds the capacity limit, when a person coughs and then touches a door handle, etc. Combined with a workflow engine, we can then automatically notify the cleaning crew to come to the specific room to disinfect the space.

This greatly reduces an organization’s overall COVID-19 risk profile, and gives employees the surety they need in order to feel comfortable working onsite.

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See SensorUp in action

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