SensorUp is the winner of this year’s CIO Applications Award
for Top Internet of Things Solutions Provider

Connected Work Platform - SensorUp

Connected Work Platform


  • Create a safer work environment
  • Ensure business continuity and operational resilience
  • Reduce risk of fatigue, injury or exposure to hazards
  • Trigger alarms and events for real-time tracking with immediate response and results
  • Save time and money by digitizing maintenance Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages (STOs)
  • Cut rework, non-productive time and time to decision
  • Build agility and flexibility into your operations
  • Attract and retain a digital-ready workforce

Supervise worker status in real-time ​ to ensure safe conditions​

Enable workers to have immediate access to quality information​

Engage field workers with a modern mobile experience​

Connect workers to receive service tickets/work orders on their mobile devices​

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