How to Get More from IoT: Devices Need to Work Together via Open Standards

Yet another article today on how standards are necessary for IoT to progress: This time, the article focuses on consumer IoT. Specifically, on how it is difficult to set up the many, siloed devices. The article argues that — because … Read More

Smart Cities would Benefit Hugely from Open Standards

A recent white paper by Machina Research and InterDigital has found that open standards in smart city IoT deployments would accelerate growth by 27%, and reduce deployment costs by 30%. Given the scale of both budgets and timelines for smart … Read More

SensorUp’s interoperability work featured in DHS S&T Blog

We’re happy to see that Dr. Reginald Brothers, Under Secretary for Science and Technology at the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has taken an interest in SensorUp’s work on interoperability! Dr. Brothers recently wrote a blog post underscoring the importance of IoT … Read More

Open IoT Benefits Everyone

Our founder, Dr. Steve Liang, recently co-wrote an article for Directions Magazine with Simon Chester. The article explains in detail why open IoT is so important, and why silos in IoT are counterproductive at best, and even destructive. The authors … Read More

SensorUp Launches the World’s First Internet of Things Platform Built on OGC SensorThings API

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SensorUp Launches the World’s First Internet of Things Platform Built on OGC SensorThings API By Coral Bliss Taylor May 15, 2016 Orlando, F.L. – SensorUp today announced the global launch of the world’s first Internet of Things … Read More

We want to see you at GeoInt2016!

SensorUp is excited to be at GeoInt 2016 next week (May 15-18)!! We’ll be with the LocationTech booth, sharing with Azavea and CCRi as well. We’ll be showcasing our SensorThings platform and our work in situation management. SensorThings is the OGC standard purpose-built for … Read More

Using ‘Internet of Things,’ smart devices can transform society

Dr. Liang and SensorUp were featured in a UToday’s article titled “Using ‘Internet of Things,’ smart devices can transform society”.  Dr. Liang emphasized on the importance of open standards for the Internet of Things. “Some forward-thinking countries want to endorse … Read More

Looking for the best study spot on campus?

Looking for the best spot to study on campus?  Look no further.  We have an open IoT solution for you.  In the past year, Dr. Liang supervised a fourth year engineering student c apstone project.  The project is titled Smart … Read More

IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit (June 21~22, Toronto)

Dr. Liang is invited to present at the IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit, which will be held on June 21 and 22 in Toronto.  Dr. Liang is also invited to chair the conference. Check out the speaker lineup here!  If you are in GTA, … Read More

SensorUp’s Efforts to Open IoT Featured in Metro News

SensorUp was featured in Calgary Metro News today! Breaking down the barriers in the internet of things (IoT), so that all connected things can work together, was the focus of the story. SensorUp is determined to break down the barriers … Read More