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We are looking for a leading Data Engineer (or Data-oriented Developer, or Data Scientist) to help build out our Data Stream Processing Engine. Currently, we employ a modular architecture where data pipelines and tasks are managed by specifications and can operate as real-time or scheduled containerized tasks. We have integrated upwards of 50 modules to perform analytical processes, enrich sensor data, and make predictions. Our Data Stream Processing Engine is utilized for predicting arrival times, automatically scheduling fluid hauling vehicles, measuring asset utilization, monitoring biometric inputs, and detecting anomalies.

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We are looking for a leading Sales Engineer to support our growing team. You will work closely with an account executive and sales development representative to lead technical sales activities within SensorUp. This will include digging into customer use cases, offering guidance on SensorUp implementation and integration, building demonstrations, providing training, and architecting ingress/integration, and handling platform and security discussions with prospective customers. You’ll help translate user questions and requests into actionable roadmap features for the product team. You will frequently communicate with developers, product managers, and sales team members to help SensorUp achieve great things.

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We are looking for a leading Front-End engineer/developer. Our front-end application is built in-house leveraging open source frameworks. We manage and manipulate data through our application and provide users with rich interactions through data processing, workflow management, and cutting edge webGL based visualizations.

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