Following our announcement last month the our Smart Cities program is expanding Canada-wide, we’ve had fantastic interest from both municipalities and individuals across the country. We’re finalizing details with many municipalities, and looking forward to announcing our partners as soon as the details are finished. Stay tuned to hear the full list in the next month or so!

SensorUp Air Quality in Calgary Sensor Map 2016-10-12
SensorUp Air Quality in Calgary Sensor Map 2016-10-12

We’ve almost completed development on the Canada-wide visualization, analytics, and mapping site, as well as the back-end servers that support them. These are all based on the OGC SensorThings API, and ISO Observations and Measurements. Expect to see sites for each region, featuring a number of different municipal partners. These sites will look similar to the Calgary-air site, with mapping and time-lapse spatial analytics, visualizations, comparisons, and so many other ways of digesting and looking at the air quality data we’re all collecting together. Check out the existing Calgary-air site for a preview:

Finally, we’re into the final tests of firmware and hardware, and will be ready to deploy soon. We’ve developed a number of different firmware verions, working on increasing security, using the devices as wifi repeaters, and ensuring a robust air quality sensing devices for our volunteers and partner communities. Testing is going well, and we’ll be selecting the final winning version shortly. After that, it’s just a question of deploying them with 500 more volunteers across Canada!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we are beyond excited to meet 500 techies and air quality watchers across Canada as we roll out this program. So looking forward to getting acquainted 🙂 Stay tuned for more updates, and see you soon!!

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