By popular demand, we have expanded our Playground program to provide a FULL implementation of the SensorThings API for testing and trials!! Now, after you learn SensorUp’s SensorThings API using the Playground, you can move on to the Scratchpad, and try out what you’ve learned in a full implementation.


Get started now! If you haven’t already, head over to the Playground to start. Once you’ve done the full walkthrough, click over to the Scratchpad and try what you learned in Playground. Try to branch out a little! Let us know in the comments what you try out. We always love hearing what our users are up to!

The scratchpad signup form will give you a url that you can use to make calls to the server through out API. Make sure you SAVE this url!!

To learn more about how to use the scratchpad url, check out our developer centre, the playground, and/or the full developer documentation.

The Playground provides a guided walkthrough that helps you create SensorThings entities for the first time. This gets you started using the API. 

The Scratchpad is a sandbox server set up to let you try out the full implementation. It offers all the features of the OGC SensorThings API, and is a complete, compliant implementation of the standard. (Access control and data backup are still only available in paid versions, so we don’t recommend using Scratchpad for production!)

For more on how to actually use the scratchpad, check out our developer center. There, you’ll learn more about how to create entities (like you did in the Playground), change them, and make queries. So excited to offer the Scratchpad server so we can all learn IoT standards by trying and doing!!

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