SensorUp was featured in Calgary Metro News today! Breaking down the barriers in the internet of things (IoT), so that all connected things can work together, was the focus of the

SensorUp is determined to break down the barriers facing IoT. We want to see the full potential of IoT unleashed. For that to happen, connected things need to work together and speak to each other. Our IoT platform, custom IoT applications, and training and support are all focused on this, as they are based on an international open standard. The standard was developed by our founder, Dr. Steve Liang.

Dr. Steve Liang (University of Calgary) has spent his academic career working on open IoT standards. He authored the OGC SensorThings API, an OGC standard purpose-built for IoT. The protocol and data model are open and freely available, so all connected things may use them. Any connected thing that does, can then be made interoperable with others. This is the part that breaks down the barriers. When connected things, no matter who made them or what they measure, can be connected, that’s when we’re truly breaking down barriers between IoT objects. And that is when the true power of the IoT can begin to be unleashed.

OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) is an established standards creation body. That means that SensorThings is governed by a stable third party, and as such can be relied on to be relevant and long-lived.

Compare this to the recent stories about the private Nest Revolv hub. Nest stopped supporting the device in a surprise move. Customers who bought it are now totally stuck without their hub! Open standards avoid the kind of vendor lock-in that makes consumers and IoT vendors (sensor manufacturers) vulnerable to surprise moves like that.

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