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SensorUp’s vision is to build an open Internet of Things ecosystem, full of choices and freedom. We’ve worked continuously at this and have met a lot of great milestones along the way: Since 2013, SensorUp has led the development of the world’s first IoT sensor data API standard, the OGC SensorThings API. In 2016, SensorUp led the development of the official OGC SensorThings API compliance test suite. We also contributed to the OGC community with an open source license.

Now, in 2017, we’re excited to announce that we will continue the good work: We’ll be active within the UN’s ITU-T to make the IoT ecosystem even more open and interoperable. ITU-T is the UN’s group technical task force dedicated to telecommunications standards. They help the world communicate smoothly via IT networks. 

In 2017, ITU-T Study Groups start a new study period (2017~2020). Under the new study period, Dr. Steve Liang, founder of SensorUp, and Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, will continue to serve as the rapporteur of the SG11 Q12 on Testing of internet of things, its applications and identification systems.  

In the new study period, Dr. Liang will work with ITU-T experts around the world to ensure IoT standards can be tested and certified interoperable. Specifically, he’ll work on compliance testing. Compliance testing is critical to building an open and interoperable IoT ecosystem. This is because it ensures that standard-based IoT systems perform according to the standards, which in turn ensures they can work with each other seamlessly.

When IoT systems work together seamlessly, that’s when we’ll really begin to unleash the power of the open Internet of Things ecosystem, and experience the choices and freedom that come with it.

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