Five Canadian cities/communities use SensorUp Smart City Starter Kit!  In addition to Calgary (Oct ’17), St. Albert (online on July 8th ’17), Winnipeg (Aug ’17), Hay River (Aug ’17) and Kluane Lake (online on July 17th ’17) joins the smart city air sensing initiative. There will be more to be announced very soon! The starter kit enables any city or community to deploy an end-to-end smart city solution effortlessly. Currently, the starter kit is designed for air quality monitoring and connect to citizen volunteers’ home WiFi.  It can be customized to applications other than air quality and connect to other types of networks, e.g., LoRA or LTE.

What do citizen volunteers say about the starter kit?


feels great to co-create our own smart city!” – Sara in Calgary

we had a blast here in St. Albert and very cool to be able to monitor the air quality in your area on line at any time.” – Sandy in St. Albert

a good way to help the city and get involved with the community!” – Hiron in St. Albert

Cheaper, Better and Faster

Our Starter Kit is cheaper, better, and faster than traditional air quality monitoring solutions. It is cheaper. In fact 1,000 times cheaper compared to the traditional monitoring stations ($250 vs $250,000). And the affordability allows us to deploy many many sensors. That leads to why it is better. A typical configuration of our starter kit consists of 50~100 sensors. The large number of distributed sensors offers “hyper-local” air quality data in real-time. You can know the air quality maybe 500 meters from your location rather than 10 km from you. Finally, it is faster. It is faster to deploy and the data is always fresh. Setting up 100 sensors takes one afternoon. The starter kit is designed to empower citizens to set up the sensors in their backyard/balcony. It takes 5 minutes to set up and is very easy to maintain. Once set up, it publishes data every 5 minutes rather than 1 hour or 3 hours average. It lets you know the air quality HERE and NOW.

Please note that these sensors are not intended to replace the traditional high-quality monitoring stations. These smart city sensors complement the expensive but super accurate stations. In fact, the high accuracy measurements are very useful to calibrate the low-cost sensors.

Want to know the progress of SensorUp Smart City Starter Kit?  Check out this link. Thanks to the financial support of Natural Resources Canada GeoConnections[1]!

SensorUp Smart City Starter Kit Map. Colours shows the air quality of the region. Green is good and red is bad.


[1]Financial support provided by GeoConnections, a national collaborative initiative led by Natural Resources Canada. GeoConnections supports the integration and use of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI), an on-line resource that improves the sharing, access and use of open geospatial information.

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