1st ITU-T Forum on Data Management for Smart Cities
1st ITU-T Forum on Data Management for Smart Cities

It was an honour to be invited to present at United Nation’s ITU-T Forum on Smart Cities Data Management 2017.  Once again it demonstrated SensorUp’s leadership and continuous commitment to empower our partners to be the leader of IoT open standards. 

About the Forum

From the ITU-T site: “Our challenge is to develop standards and adopt practices that enable the integration of data from many devices and domains. Our goal is to facilitate interoperability, data portability, security, and trust within the IoT ecosystem so we can enable new applications and services that better life in the urban realm and elsewhere.

This Forum will also explore the many questions, concerns, and issues along with other IoT-related topics like open data platforms, cloud infrastructure, data governance policies, and cross-domain and cross-device services.​

Dr. Liang presented to a full room of representatives from telcos around the world, promoting the importance of transforming data into value from a telco’s perspective. Thanks to being part of TELUS’ IoT accelerator programme (T-Squared Accelerator), SensorUp has the first hand knowledge regarding IoT and carriers.  Dr. Liang argued that data is the real value of smart cities.  The real potential of smart cities and IoT will be the system of systems, i.e., the degree of “inter-connectivity”.  It is key for carriers to reduce all possible frictions in order for “data” to flow and empower innovators to do what they are good at – innovate!!  It is also important for carriers to note that “not” treating data as bits and bytes.  It is critical to have an interoperable data model based on open standards, such as ISO/OGC Observation and Measurement (ISO/OGC 19156:2011) and an open API interface such as the OGC SensorThings API.  Slides are available on SensorUp’s Slideshare (here).

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