Dr. Steve Liang will present at the Big Data & IoT in Oil & Gas Canada 2016 Conference in Calgary (February 16 2016). Dr. Liang will present the challenges and opportunities of IoT data interoperability. The IoT marketplace is a rapidly growing space with companies developing their own version and interpretation of an IoT platform. Unfortunately many IoT silos have emerged. In a recent survey, 77% of the surveyed IoT experts claimed that Interoperability is the biggest challenge currently facing the Internet of Things. There is a urgent need to have a standards-based solution to truly realize the vision of having a connected world where sensors from across different disciplines can utilize a single API and provide enriched metadata to form a system of systems. Dr. Liang will present the state-of-the-art from international Standard Development Organizations (SDOs) on IoT standards. Opportunities, challenges and benefits for oil and gas industry will be discussed in detail.


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