Invited by ESRI, Dr. Liang presented OGC SensorThings API at the ESRI User Conference (UC) 2017 held from July 10~14 in San Diego. This is also SensorUp’s first time attending the ESRI User Conference. The ESRI startup program gives us the tools to build mapping and location analytics capabilities into ESRI products. And one of the startup program benefits is free admissions to the ESRI UC. At the ESRI UC, we demonstrated our ArcGIS Javascript API plug-in and showcased how ESRI users can integrate real-time IoT with ESRI products effortlessly.

During the ESRI UC, one of the most obvious trends in GIS is the Internet of Things. IoT and real-time GIS was mentioned countless times during the plenary sessions and breakout sessions. This is an exciting news for us. If the ESRI users are ready for IoT, we have the solutions!!

We had great meetings with ESRI staffs, both business development and technical, and discussed how can we develop useful solutions to address our users’ IoT needs. For example, SensorUp will develop integration kits that connects SensorUp SensorThings platform to ESRI Stream Service and ESRI GeoEvent server. Please stay tuned and we will announce our new plug-ins to ESRI ecosystem soon.

Disney shared how they use GIS to develop the Zootopia Movie.


STARTS Air Ambulances showcased their GIS solutions at ESRI UC ’17

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