Call for smart citizens in #YEG! SensorUp is soon expanding our highly acclaimed Smart Citizens for Smart Cities air sensing campaign to Edmonton. In October 2016, more 50 Calgarians adopted smart air quality sensors and collectively formed one of the best air quality monitoring network in North America, with the highest density and highest sampling rate.

SensorUp Air Quality in Calgary Sensor Map -2016-11-04
SensorUp Air Quality in Calgary Sensor Map 2016-11-04

The citizen-based Internet of Things-based sensor network has revealed insights that we weren’t aware of before, and has the potential to significantly improve our quality of life!

For our #YEG campaign, as the first step, we are announcing our plan at the Edmonton Data Science Meetup. 110 potential smart citizens have registered for the event and there is even a waitlist!  It will be a blast!  If you are in Edmonton, come join us and become a smart citizen.  Let’s make Edmonton a even better place to live!




SensorUp is currently looking for 50 volunteers throughout the Edmonton region to “adopt” an air quality sensor, plug it in outside their home or office, and connect it to our IoT platform.

We’re running a city-wide IoT “starter kit” that will feed all these sensor readings into a single browser-based map of air quality in the region. The air quality map is made available to the public online, so your sensor’s readings contribute to public knowledge and a city-wide IoT demonstration project.

When you volunteer, you get:
1 – secured spot at our expert-led sensor assembly workshop, for an inside look at IoT and Smart Cities

2 – sensor and setup instructions
3 – connection to the IoT platform
4 – to contribute to city-wide knowledge about air quality, with much better geospatial and temporal coverage!

(Don’t worry, private home locations are _not_ displayed!)

If you’d like to play around with some IoT hardware and software, please apply to volunteer!! 🙂




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