SensorUp was recently featured in GCN news. The story looked at SensorUp’s emergency management work: connecting all kinds of sensors to help first responders and situation managers as they deal with catastrophes.

Our work with the Department of Homeland Security was highlighted. The work involved combining sensor data from numerous different sensing systems, including a Hexoskin biometric “smart shirt” as well as other sensors, both proprietary and open. We combined all the different sensor data in a single common operating picture. Check out the video below!

The common operating picture is designed to allow emergency management personnel to view all the important information in a single screen, so that they have all the information they need to make critical decision in real time. The common operating picture we provided was built on our IoT platform. Our platform is built on OGC SensorThings API, an OGC standard purpose-built for IoT. The standard handles real-time information, as well as difficult situations such as low power, low bandwidth, and low connectivity. Because of this, it’s ideal to deploy in the fast-paced world emergency management. In addition, using a standard-based platform makes it easier to make sensors interoperable (that’s why we were able to connect so many disparate sensors). Not to mention that, when you have to bring together sensor networks from numerous different departments (e.g.: police, fire, hazmat) and numerous jurisdictions (e.g.: federal, state, neighbouring municipalities), you need your sensor networks to be interoperable. To make this happen, you need an open standard that makes public the interfacing protocol. That way, any device owner or maker can look up the protocol, and the devices can be made to speak to each other.

GCN is a print and online publication that reports on “Technology, Tools, and Tactics for Public Sector IT.”

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