On July 16th, SensorUp joined the emerging technologies community for the Alberta IoT Golf Tournament. The annual tournament is an opportunity for industry leaders to share ideas, connect and learn more about the innovative ideas blossoming in the province. 

A catalyst for community

Interconnectivity is crucial to the survival of innovative technologies in Alberta. Out of this need for collaboration, the Alberta IoT Association exists to nurture and accelerate the success of Alberta’s Internet of Things economy, with the ultimate objective to establish Alberta as a world leader in Internet of Things and emerging technologies. As a Board Director for the Alberta IoT Association, SensorUp Founder & CTO, Dr. Steve Liang, and VP of Sales, Brian Kulbaba, attended to promote collaboration and propel new ideas forward. 

The allure of a strong tech ecosystem

A thriving tech ecosystem allows founders to connect, discuss new innovations, and share stories about how to overcome challenges they may be facing. Through collaboration and a deep understanding of business, the Alberta ecosystem can support sustainable growth and innovation.

“After 18 months of Zoom meetings, it feels great to be able to exchange ideas and build community with other innovators in Alberta’s emerging technologies landscape,” said Dr. Steve Liang.

When industry leaders, established businesses and newly minted companies collide on the topic of cutting edge technologies, collaboration can spur innovation. The spirit of interconnection with regard to the Alberta IoT ecosystem compelled SensorUp to take part in the Alberta IoT golf tournament.

Much like the power of SensorUp’s ability to unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things by transforming “silo-ed” systems of IoT sensors into a harmonised IoT network of systems, the Alberta IoT 2021 Golf Tournament dissolved silos in the industry to streamline business in our community and interconnect the bright minds in the emerging technologies ecosystem. 


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