Every developer has been in the situation where you have code or a design that you need to test quickly and possibly share with others for feedbacks. SensorUp heard you! SensorThings Share is the perfect solution. SensorThings Share offers an online collaborative space to test with your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code right inside your browser. SensorThings Share is a playground for the front end side of the OGC SensorThings API. SensorThings Share is designed for inspiration, education, and sharing.

Want to show off your latest IoT application and get feedback from your peers? SensorThings Share is great for that. Want to build a test case and showcase to potential clients? SensorThings Share is great for that. Want to work with others and figure out a bug collaboratively? SensorThings Share is great for that. Want to find example codes and get inspired? SensorThings Share is great for that too!

A quick tour of SensorThings Share will give you a better understanding of what it provides and why you should use it.

We would love to hear from you.  Leave your feedbacks in our SensorThings Developer Forum!

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