We were invited to showcase our work in the Innovation Alley at CANARIE National Summit 2017 held in Ottawa. Each year CANARIE holds a conference that allows leaders in digital research infrastructure to discuss topics that display opportunities and challenges facing research communities. This years topic was science, commerce, and security. The innovation alley showcases some of the most compelling projects from CANARIE programs, and we were honoured to be part of it.

SensorUp booth at the Innovation Alley, CANARIE National Summit 2017.

We showcased our work on CloudUAV, which is currently under development. CloudUAV is an open-source, cloud based research platform that allows researchers to streamline the UAV workflow. The web application allows researchers to manage their projects where they can create projects and designate drones, sensors, personnel, etc. It allows them to plan their missions by viewing the compliance map, which displays areas where researchers are permitted to fly their UAVs. Researchers can upload UAV data after they have completed their mission and also share their projects/data with other members of the community.

Along with the web application, researchers will also have access to the CloudUAV mobile app. The app will help pilots flying the UAVs to go through extensive checklists that follow Transport Canada rules and regulations, which must be reviewed before starting the mission. Researchers can also add notes while they are on their missions. All of this data will sync with the web application once the user is connected to WiFi. For more information check out the CloudUAV site.

SensorUp showcasing the smart cities application using an abstract visualization.

Along with CloudUAV, we also showcased the smart cities application, which you may have heard about from our previous blogs. To attract a large crowd, we created an abstract visualization that displays realtime PM 2.5 (air quality) data. The visualization uses SensorThings API that receives data from sensors that have been deployed in many cities in Canada that have joined the smart cities project.

We would like to thank CANARIE for hosting a great event that showcases the technology currently under development in Canada. The summit encouraged leaders to discuss, collaborate, and contribute their ideas to create Canada as a leader in the technology sector.

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