Rediscovering the Joy of In Person Collaboration

Earlier this month, the SensorUp management team took advantage of a window of opportunity to meet in beautiful Banff, Alberta. For many of us, it was a first – first time meeting with the team; first time flying somewhere since the start of Covid; and for myself, my first visit to spectacular Banff as an adult. 

To say it was an exhilarating time meeting the SensorUp team in person is an understatement. For two amazing days we brainstormed, presented, debated, dined, and laughed together, something we have not been able to do as this team before. It felt new, but also familiar. Regardless of where team members came from, there was a heightened sense of camaraderie that left us feeling energized and inspired from our 48 hours together.  

 It’s About People 

At its core, SensorUp is a technology company, and we help solve some of the biggest problems for companies transforming to Industry 4.0. Interestingly, the spotlight for many of the offsite conversations was not about technology, nor was it entirely about the businesses we serve, how the markets are changing or how Covid has changed how we work. The focus kept coming back to the people including executives planning the future, mid-level managers who need to be effective or front-line industrial workers staying safe and healthy on the job.  As it turns out, regardless of their role, the people who use SensorUp every day to better do their jobs are central to the use of our technology.  

 Technology is a Tool 

What we’ve learned during the last 18-months is people yearn for the social interaction. Given that we haven’t been able to meet in person, we’ve needed to adapt and use many different technologies to meet and collaborate. Our water cooler is now a Slack channel. Our huddle is on Zoom or Teams and our book club or other social outlets are a combination of all the above. Welcome to the 21st century where these digital tools have established themselves as the foundation of the future of work.  

 The same holds true for SensorUp. Our technology has increasingly become an essential tool for asset-intensive industries to predict, optimize and automate operations. Whether it’s keeping frontline industrial workers safe, mobile and efficient or helping companies chart their emissions pathway progress towards Net Zero, SensorUp is supporting how companies reimagine and transform the way they work. 

With our onsite in the rearview mirror, the SensorUp team are re-energized! SensorUp will continue to deliver on the promise of transforming how industry operates by supporting our customers and their employees on their journey. While we’re now back at home using digital tools to collaborate, we are so looking forward to meeting in person with our customers again.  


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