Dr. Steve Liang was invited by Taiwan’s Ministry of Interior to give a workshop on OGC SensorThings API, as part of the GSDI15 international conference. It was great to see Taiwanese government supporting OGC SensorThings API as a key enabler for integrating many heterogeneous sensor data into a coherent platform, particularly, for disaster management. Taiwan is a beautiful island, but unfortunately it is also one of the riskiest places in the world for natural disasters. Every year many typhoons and major earthquakes hit the island of 23 million people. Disaster management is critical for Taiwan. As a result, there are many sensors deployed to provide real-time data for emergency response and situational awareness. As the editor of the OGC SensorThings API standard, we are very excited to see our work can make changes and even save lives!

You may already know Taiwan is home of many high tech companies, and many of them design and make Internet of Things (IoT) gateways and devices. During his time in Taiwan, Alberta Trade office in Taipei and the Taiwanese Industrial Development Bureau arranged Dr. Liang to meet several IoT leaders in Taiwan. Before the meetings we didn’t know what to expect, but the results from the meetings were AWESOME! OGC SensorThings API are seen as a key differentiator for their businesses and open a door to an open IoT ecosystem of choices and freedom. It was great to see the C-level executives in these giant corporations resonated with our vision and the benefits of what SensorUp is building and advocating. We are in the process to establish close and formal partnerships with some of these world-recognized tech leaders. Please stay tuned and we will announced the partnerships very soon! It’s a truly exciting time for SensorUp.


After the Taiwan trip, Dr. Liang visited Singapore. Singapore’s smart nation plan is world’s most ambitious and most advanced smart cities/smart nation program. Dr. Liang visited IMDA, Smart National Program (GovTech), and NangYang Polytechnic (NYP). Exciting plan has been made. OGC SensorThings API will play a key role to realize Singapore’s smart nation vision. For example Dr. Liang and SensorUp will come back to Singapore in March 2017, and offer a comprehensive OGC SensorThings API training. 

It is great to see both Taiwan and Singapore are sharing the same vision as we do. OGC SensorThings API will play a key role in both countries, and SensorUp is very excited to be part of the journey to make both Taiwan and Singapore “smarter” and in some cases, really save lives!


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