The Next Generation First Responder (NGFR) Apex Program works with first responders across the country to ensure the technology they use while responding to an emergency keeps them better protected, connected and fully aware

Last summer SensorUp Inc. supported the DHS NGFR project by providing the SensorThings API technology required to integrate the various sensor technology providers with downstream systems including Common Operation Picture (COP) and Situational Awareness (SA) applications. We provided facilities for sensor data management, rules engine and notification, device and participant management in the context of this OpEx. SensorUp specializes in the integration and connection of multiple real-time systems enabling organizations to benefit from a system level perspective of their enterprise.


Last year we performed a similar role leading up to the OpEx on December 4–5, 2018, at the Port of Houston in Houston, Texas. The Houston / Harris County OpEx integrated first responder technologies using open standards in the NGFR Integration Handbook to enhance the mission capabilities of Houston-area responders and the U.S. Coast Guard during a HAZMAT scenario. With the hard work, our talented technical team contributed DHS was kind enough to have us back to help with the integration and IoT systems again this year.

Recently DHS announced DHS S&T Partners with Industry and Alabama Emergency Responders to Evaluate Technology Integration and once again, the SensorUp team is on the list. We will be working with cutting edge sensor technology providers to improve the state of the art of public safety IoT, Unmanned Aerial Systems, deployable communications, stadium evacuation simulation tools, sensors that assess hazardous gases, responder physiological condition, patient status and responder and incident commander situational awareness tools.


We have entered the big leagues so to speak as this OpEx will depict a scenario depicting an earthquake causing partial structural collapse and a HAZMAT leak at the Legion Field stadium. We are excited to hit the field with our fellow geeks this July and August in Birmingham!


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