SensorUp is proud to release the SensorThings Developer Centre ( SensorUp empowers organizations to develop interoperable and future-proof IoT solutions. We work with innovative web developers around the world. Excellent developer experiences is key to our successes. SensorUp’s new SensorThings Developer Centre is interactive, easy to read/navigate, and has many code examples. The SensorThings Developer Centre will makes developers’ busy lives much easier. The SensorThings Developer Centre includes the following features:

SensorThings API Documentation

SensorThings API Documentation provides you every details of the OGC SensorThings API standard, including data models, resource path, query options, etc. Moreover, we know you not only want learn but also want to try it live. We made the API documentation interactive, so that you can test a live SensorThings instance while you are reading the standard.

SensorThings API Documentation powered by SensorUp


Example codes are the best tutorials, so we prepared ample examples allowing you to explore the potential of the OGC SensorThings API. Please note that these examples are designed for javascript beginners and serve as detailed tutorials for the SensorThings standard. As a result they are written based on basic javascript codes rather than using SensorUp’s SensorThings SDKs. After reading the examples, please make sure you try our SDKs, which can save you lines and lines of coding efforts. 

Tutorial (for IoT devices)

For those who would like to connect IoT devices to SensorThings, the Tutorial section offers code walkthroughs leading you to connect IoT devices to SensorThings API. We know some web developers are not familiar with the IoT hardware development environments. We specifically make these IoT device tutorials “step by step”. You can click through the steps, and within minutes you will find your devices start uploading real-time readings to SensorThings!


SensorUp’s webinars have been watched by thousands of developers around the world. In the new SensorThings Developer Centre, each episode’s video, slides and source codes are presented side-by-side. You can easily watch the webinar, navigate though the slides, and read the source codes at the same time!

I hope you will enjoy our SensorThings Developer Centre. We would love to hear from you.  Why don’t you leave comments on SensorUp’s SensorThings Developer Forum?  Let us know how are we doing. 🙂

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