We’re pleased to pass on the news that St. Albert, Alberta, has become SensorUp’s first community partner in the Smart Citizens for Smart Cities Canadian Tour. St. Albert will have between 10 to 25 volunteers deploying as many air quality monitoring devices. Not to mention, they are now officially recruiting volunteers to take on the monitoring devices. St. Albert has had fantastic response from the community, and has lots of volunteer applications already, long before the deadline.

Each volunteer will get to attend a sensor-assembly workshop, where they’ll join other like-minded individuals. They’ll be provided all the parts to assemble a device, as well as a guide and in-person expertise from SensorUp. They’ll put together the device, including PM 2.5, temperature, and humidity sensors, and then connect the fully-assembled device to wifi. Then, they’ll take their devices home, and repeat the connection process to connect the instrument to their home wifi. They’ll have their own device monitoring the air around their home, as well as an app to see readings. All readings from all devices will come together in a city-wide map, as well as in the Canada-wide map we’re all building together.

Kluane Lake, a research camp in the Yukon, will also be taking sensors. This set of sensors will be sent up to the camp with our partner, the Arctic Institute of North America (AINA). They’ll weather the northern winters, and monitor air quality during the summer forest fire season. This camp is our first northern community partner, and we’re so excited to work with them!

More communities are in the process of finalizing details. We’ll continue to share the news of our latest partners here, as they sign on! With our hardware testing nearing completion, and many communities already in talks, we’re looking forward to deploying 1500 more sensors all over Cananda in less than one year!

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