Today SensorUp has it’s first ever all-hands meeting to discuss our strategy for the new year….well….for the first quarter. This is our first all-hands meeting to plan, brainstorm, and think out-of-box. Today we put everything on the side and we strategize! What has been covered today? We started by playing an ice breaker. Each person tells two truths and one lie about themselves. Others have to guess which is the lie. It’s quite fun actually.  I highly encourage you to do it in your team! We all learned something interesting about each other.

Then we had a session on what SensorUp is and what’s SensorUp core value.  We found out that although we never explicitly talk about our values (e.g., put the values on the wall…), what we have in mind are really similar.  SensorUp is Visionary/Innovative, Reliable, and Agile/Flexible. That’s our core value.  I guess I might print them out and put on our wall next week. 🙂  Also we introduced OKR (Objectives and Key Results) to the team and we will start exercising it in the new year.


In the later sessions we talk about who are our customers, what’s our value to our customers, how can we serve them better, who are our competitors, how can we stay ahead of our competitors, etc. The discussions were really helpful as we are a small company and we really need to stay laser-focus. Finally, we used one current project, the smart cities air sensing project, as a case study. We challenge every assumption and tried to find innovative ways to do better than what we have done for the Calgary implementation. It was very fun and refreshing. And guess what, we are truly innovative! As we are rolling out our smart cities platform to 10 more Canadian cities, there are innovative ideas from today and we are going to apply in the new year.

I am very glad we’ve done this. SensorUp is stronger, more aligned, and more focused. And we had fun! Today is a good day!



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