We are co-organizing the OGC IoT and Sensor Web Summit on March 9th at World Bank, DC, USA.

The OGC IoT and Sensor Web Summit will have four dynamic panel discussions. Each session will have three to four panelists and moderated by the organizers. We will also reserve time for Summit participants to interact with the panelists. The topics are:

  • Internet of Things / Features (15:15~15:45) — Why IoT needs OGC and OGC should care about IoT? What are the use cases and value proposition for a “Thing” (or Feature) focused view? How can we make OGC standards more relevant in the context of IoT?
  • Handling IoT Data Streams (15:45~16:15)- What did we learn from handling eventing and Publish/Subscribe in IMIS IoT Pilot??
    • IoT devices deliver spatio-temporal data streams. It is critical for an IoT system to processing sensor data efficiently and providing notifications in near-real-time is necessary. What are the challenges and lessons we learned?
  • An IoT architecture in an Open Geospatial context (16:15~16:45)- SensorHub and Gateways
    • What would be a reference IoT architecture (or value chain) in an OGC context? What are Hubs and Gateways? How are they discovered? Do they need a standard or are there standards from other SDOs? What is open vs proprietary?
  • Dynamic Sensor, Service,and Hub Discovery (16:45~17:15) — the role for catalogs and registries in a fast-paced IoT world
    • What are the challenges and opportunities in IoT data discovery? What would be the challenges and opportunities for Catalogs and Services? What are the pros and cons for discovery closer to the data source or closer to a central catalog/registry?

Register here today!!  Summit registration is free.

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