By Steve Liang – SensorUp enables 10 times faster smart city development, integrates heterogeneous IoT sensing systems instantly and makes them analytics ready. In order to demonstrate our claims, we very often developed proof-of-concept demo systems to showcase our capabilities. Recently we loaded some near-real-time bike path monitoring data in Calgary (data source here). And we found the data is really interesting and have the potential to reveal many insights. Just for fun, let me show you a chart. Chart below shows the number of bikes passing Calgary’s Peace Bridge north-bound (in orange) and south bound (in blue) in a 7 days period. Can you tell which days are weekends by looking at the chart only, without checking your calendar?  🙂

For the curious folks, you can interact with the above Peach bridge data by clicking here.  Or you can interact with the data from all bike path monitors here.

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