What if you could track a workplace COVID back to its source? With the right preparation and technology, you can. Our COVID risk assessment demo shows you how. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year caused a sea-change in the way we work and prompted a new era of innovation. Countless companies have created new tools or pivoted an existing offering, to help companies respond to the crisis. 

However, existing COVID recovery solutions are designed specifically for a pre-defined use case. Such ad-hoc solutions fail to offer full visibility, as they aren’t capable of combining disparate real-time data sources. At SensorUp, our standards-based IoT platform is able to very quickly aggregate multiple COVID sensing solutions and help businesses detect and assess the risks of a workplace outbreak. For example, this COVID solution was put together in less than two weeks. 

Our solution places a focus on peace of mind for business leaders and decision makers to be able to avoid workplace hazards of all kinds, keep their crews safe and their projects on track. 

Identify and assess health risks as they happen

In the video, our CTO Dr. Steve Liang demonstrates how we use a combination of contact-tracing beacons, video cameras with deep-learning AI (artificial intelligence), and microphones to detect risks and outbreaks in real time by tracking them at their source.

Sensors plus deep learning AI can detect, in real time, the moment a room becomes crowded or someone coughs. Privacy is also protected as the AI is performed at the edge, rather than in the cloud.

SensorUp can: 

  • Detect and display how many people are in a room (and whether it’s more than that room’s threshold)
  • Sense if someone coughs in the room
  • Detect the event that someone touches a door handle, furthering increasing the potential exposure risk in the room

Create automated alerts to immediately address and reduce the risk

SensorUp’s visual monitoring not only captures and displays movement information for people in your building but can also alert cleaning crews to the exact areas of potential exposure risk. But health and safety personnel need not monitor the dashboard 24/7. In the event that a risk-level threshold is reached, SensorUp will automatically alert cleaning crews. Once those crews clean and disinfect a room, its risk profile returns to normal. 
Above is a screenshot of our COVID demo, highlighting the increased risk level of a room in red with multiple people where someone coughed and touched a door handle

With the visual dashboard in SensorUp, you can monitor movements in real time or replay specific events to see the risk level change in the room. With this “bird’s eye view” of building activity, health and safety personnel are able to safely monitor an entire building complex.

An example of monitoring an entire building complex, with presets for risk factors. At the bottom is the replay timeline that allows you to detect the moment a risk increases.

Learn more about using IoT data to monitor outbreak risks at your business

Start by watching the full demo video, and reach out to us using the form on that page to see a live demonstration of these tools with a member of our team. 

This exciting work is in partnership with the University of Calgary GeosensorWeb Lab. Our team found the collaboration with the bright minds of the graduate students to be very rewarding. 

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