At SensorUp we always challenge ourselves to build innovative IoT solutions to empower the masses. One of such projects is called CloudUAV. This platform will enable mission planning and compliance, and data sharing for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in research applications. It is co-developed by Dr. McDermid’s research group at the University of Calgary and SensorUp, and the project is funded by CANARIE.

CloudUAV aims to address many of the issues facing researchers when using UAVs. The purpose of the platform is to produce an open access platform for researchers from any discipline to use in the planning and execution of UAV missions. 

One of the critical components is a compliance module. Local regulators, such as Transport Canada, have a continually evolving set of guidelines for UAV operation. CloudUAV will allow users to search for areas where various categories of UAV can fly and understand Transport Canada restrictions in a given location. This will allow researchers to adjust their UAV’s flight plan for compliance and keep a digital record in the cloud to ensure compliance.

Of course this project allows us to have some fun in the office. We get to try some exciting new toys in the office. Check out the following demo of the UAV dashboard developed for CloudUAV. The dashboard allows users to see the real-time UAV data, including both video and flight data, over the Web with the OGC SensorThings API standard. 

You can check this CANARIE blog post to learn more about CloudUAV.

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