Invited by the International Seminar on Geospatial Information Science (ICGIS), Dr. Liang will be sharing his vision on the trend of geospatial Internet of Things (GeoIoT). The speech, titled Geo-IoT Trends and Vision in the Future, will be presented on September 2nd 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Liang will also participate a panel, as part of the Conference of Smart City with Open Geospatial Technologies in Emerging Cities on August 31st 2016. In addition, Dr. Liang will give a talk at FOSS4G Korea 2016. The title of the talk is “OGC SensorThings API, an Open Geospatial Standard for Geospatial Internet of Things“. If you are also joining the conference in Seoul, come say hi to Dr. Liang and share you thoughts! Beer on us!

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