You must have heard blockchain. If not, I am sure you’ve heard of Bitcoin, which is one of the blockchain protocols/platforms. However few people understand blockchain, fewer have real-world experiences using blockchain to build systems, and even fewer know how to build and implement a blockchain protocol. Many people think blockchain is for cryptocurrency only, but in fact blockchain can be a disruptive technology completely change the way we develop information infrastructures today. 

On Aug 28 I was invited to lead a discussion session on the IoT, smart cities and blockchain in a blockchain workshop, part of the International Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST) 2017.  It gave me an opportunity to research and study blockchain in more details, and pushed me to think how can I use blockchain to improve our IoT platform and provide a more secured solutions. Below is the discussion materials I prepared for the 90 minutes discussion.  Any comments or thoughts are highly appreciated!  I would love to hear what do you think about this topic!  (BTW, I found this Globe and Mail infographic explains very clearly how blockchain works.)

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