From March 6~10 2017, SensorUp offered an one week comprehensive SensorThings training at the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) in Singapore.  Lack of skills and capabilities is one of the major challenges for developing smart cities and IoT solutions.  Training plays a critical role to build such highly demanded (and lacking..) skills and capabilities.  Singapore has one of the most ambitious (if not the most ambitious) smart cities initiative, called the Smart Nation. Interested readers are encourage to read this Engadget article and this Wall Street Journal article to learn more about the programme. It was great to see Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechics recognized the IoT expertise gap and more importantly the need to build IoT expertise on open standards. As we are the editors of OGC SensorThings API standard, Nanyang Poly chose SensorUp to offer the 5-days in-depth training.  We are honoured to spend five days with 21 engineers in this “train the trainer” programme.  The last day of the training was a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) day, and we co-worked with NYP engineers to connect their devices to the SensorUp platform.  The following picture showed a sub-set of the devices we connected on that day.

We understand that the most precious resource from almost every organization is time.  And time commitment can be seen as the most important indicator for the success of almost any initiative.  Before we came to Singapore, we didn’t expect every participants to stay for the whole 5 days.  But at the end we are thrilled to see 21 engineers to spend the 5 full days with us!!  It showed NYP’s commitment to SensorThings and I am sure NYP has built a great strength to transform data into value using an open standard way!

BYOD - sensor connected to SensorUp platform during the training
BYOD – sensor connected to SensorUp platform during the training

In addition, multiple SensorUp partners also expressed the desire to not only have technical SensorThings supports from SensorUp but also to build in-house SensorThings support in their own organization. As we are fully committed to support and empower our partners, we dedicated resources to develop comprehensive and interactive training materials OGC SensorThings API and the SensorThings Cloud Platform (by SensorUp).  Many exciting online materials will be published on our web site very soon.  Please stay tuned!

Of course, we really enjoyed the awesome food Singapore to offer!!

SensorUp having fun in Singapore
SensorUp having fun in Singapore

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