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Dr. Steve Liang invited to be a Programme Committee member for GeoIoT World 2016

Dr. Liang was invited to be a Programme Committee member for GeoIoT World 2016. Fellow PC members include leaders from industry and academia, such as TomTom, Pitney Bowes, Ericsson, etc. Geo IoT World is a 2-day conference, exhibition and testbed … Read More

SensorUp presenting at the Big Data & IoT in Oil & Gas Canada Conference

Dr. Steve Liang will present at the Big Data & IoT in Oil & Gas Canada 2016 Conference in Calgary (February 16 2016). Dr. Liang will present the challenges and opportunities of IoT data interoperability. The IoT marketplace is a rapidly growing space … Read More

There must be a way to know him better….

Understanding a newborn baby is tough, especially for first time parents.  Noah Liang, my first new born, was born in November 2015 in Calgary, and guess what, he is so unpredictable (you might say, duh… he is a newborn!). For example, … Read More

SensorThings API – Arduino 101

We created an interactive tutorial for the OGC SensorThings API and you can find the link here –  If you haven’t tried it out, go check it out!  If you have tried it, we would love to learn your comments … Read More

SensorUp demoed IoT interoperability at Department of Homeland Security

SensorUp showcased an internet of things-based system designed to help keep first responders safer. The project was funded by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate to demonstrate how integrating existing Internet of Things sensor technologies using a … Read More

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SensorUp joined Eclipse Open Source Foundation

SensorUp just became the newest member of the Eclipse Open Source Foundation!  SensorUp’s goal of interoperable IoT fits Eclipse’s vision and mission perfectly. SensorUp’s Open Geospatial SensorThings API platform is location-intelligent and designed specifically for IoT, and that also means … Read More

Amazon IoT and the OGC SensorThings API Standard

Interoperability is a major challenge for the Internet of Things (IoT). The real potential of  IoT, like the potential of the Internet itself, lies in “systems of IoT systems” rather than IoT systems that operate as isolated technology silos. Real … Read More

SensorUp worked with OGC and released the first SensorThings API Compliance Test Suite

SensorUp aims to disrupt the silos of the Internet of Things. We believe in an open ecosystem for IoT rather than fragmented, silo-ed, and proprietary IoT system. The real potential of the IoT is creating value from an interoperable system … Read More