SensorUp is the winner of this year’s CIO Applications Award
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About Us - SensorUp

At SensorUp, we tear down the silos that separate data from insightful intelligence, helping organizations to predict their future by examining the present.

We work with people who are responsible for large, physical operations—usually distributed across vast geographical locations. Today most of our customers work in oil and gas, public safety, logistics, and the military.

We help them collect, clean and aggregate their IoT data so they can examine and analyze it across all aspects of their business. With this type of granular insight—observed in real time—they can locate and direct railcars across the continent, save people and property while limiting risks to responders, empower military personnel to make the right decisions in the moment, and ensure no drop of oil is wasted.

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The idea behind SensorUp was born when data collection from connected devices was in its infancy. It was the wild west of IoT data and our founder Steve Liang was one of the first visionaries in this space. He quickly recognized that this emerging technology needed consistency and structure, especially in how IoT devices, data, and applications connect.

SensorUp was founded in 2012, as Steve and his colleagues established a framework and developed the international standard specification for providing an open and unified way to interconnect IoT devices, data, and applications over the internet. Today the OGC Sensor Things API is a military-grade set of standards that is being adopted by NATO, the United Nations, Department of Homeland Security and other organizations around the world

Award-winning technology

We won the NATO Defense Innovation award for the Secure Federation of IoT Data. In 2019, we were honored with the Outstanding Science and Technology Start-Up at the ASTech awards.
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